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Somatic Experiencing® brings the body into conversation when words aren't enough to ease traumatic experiences.  Through interoception, or paying attention to sensations in the body, and gently helping the nervous system renegotiate difficult events, the body and emotions find ease and resolution. 

Your nervous system is an evolutionary masterpiece.  It controls everything in your body. As a Hurricane Katrina survivor, and someone who lives with the daily challenges of chronic illness, SE provided the tools for me to feel at ease again.


In an SE session, we pay attention to the subtle cues your body gives us about where your trauma lives.  It usually begins with a conversation, just as you might experience in talk therapy.  I may notice a gesture and ask you to slow it down and stay with what comes up for you as you pay attention to your body sensations. 


From there we find the places in your body where you feel safe and move in and out of places where you might not feel as safe. We talk and experience your bodily sensations at a gentle pace to help you build resiliency so that you will feel more resourceful and less triggered by stressful events.  When trauma loosens its hold, there is often a return to a more whole sense of self.

Ancestral Healing

By connecting to your ancestors, you begin to heal deep, generational wounding.  The healing is sometimes painful, always deep, and it is everlasting.  When you heal the deep, frozen pockets, your heritage heals.  As those frozen places warm and allow the lifeblood of your ancestors to flow through, memories of who you are and how important your existence is to them awakens in you. 


You will access places of love that were hidden away in order to survive another war, or the devastation of a famine, the inane cruelty of slavery, or the dehumanization  created in feudal systems.  When you free your ancestors of their bonds and heartbreak, you free yourself and your family as well.  


In my personal experience of walking with my ancestors, I have remembered my connection to the Negev when I danced there at sunset.  I have perceived the Fae when I attended a Burning Man ritual on Beltane in Cornwall. In an instance of witnessing and healing my grandmother's grief over losing her husband to World War II, I have been able to access her deep love and nurturing nature.  

In our sessions, you will bring a grandparent to work with and we'll follow their journey.  Once you ease the burdens of those who came before, their love and gifts flow to you.  No longer carrying the burdens of our ancestors returns us to our authentic selves.

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Reiki is a Japanese energy practice for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It takes you to your deepest, soulful place to replenish and renew.

Receiving Reiki brought my body and emotions so much relief early in my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis that I decided to become a practitioner myself.  I've been practicing and teaching Reiki for 20 years. 


During an in-person session, I also provide acupressure to your meridian points to further open and allow the flow of qi.  In a distance Reiki session, I share acupressure points for you to use on your own. 


In a distance Reiki session, we talk for a few minutes via Zoom about what you would like to work on.  We end our call for about 30 minutes while I do a Reiki session on you remotely.  While I'm sending you Reiki, you lie down in a comfortable place, listen to music, whatever feels most nourishing.  After the Reiki is complete, I call you again and we discuss anything that might have come up for you and any impressions I received during the healing session.  

During your session, you might experience heat, cold, or tingling sensations. A beautiful meditation may arise, or you might simply have a restorative nap that leaves you feeling refreshed for days.

Reiki Treatment

Authentic Movement is a dance therapy practice, but you don't have to be a dancer to step into your most authentic self.  In my research, I found that this modality is perfectly suited to those of us who are alter-abled.  It allows you to simply be with your body exactly how it is today.  Whether you are in a wheelchair or easily doing movement, this practice is about going inside and listening closely.

The practice requires a mover and a witness.  The mover moves with their eyes closed for a predetermined amount of time.  There is no music, only you, the impulse to move, and your active imagination.

As the witness, I observe your movements with compassion and presence.  At the end of the movement session, you share what you wish of your practice and I reflect what I sensed in my own body as I watched you.  The healing comes in the feeling of being seen. More information about Authentic Movement can be found at this link.

Modern Dancer

I've developed a movement meditation class for those who have trouble feeling embodied, those with chronic illness, and anyone who needs a simple yet effective self-care practice. This class uses guided meditation, qi gong, and authentic movement over Zoom.  

Click on Classes to join us for a weekly Basic Movement class on Zoom.  This class is donation based.  Join my email list for times and dates about the Intermediate and Advanced movement classes. 

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I am offering a series of classes that combine Earth-based healing, Somatic Experiencing®, and Jungian archetypal wisdom.  You will learn the basics of being a Medicine Walker to develop your own unique practice.

I have been guided to offer this class now as a way to do deep soul healing in a very divided time.  Our ancestors want to help and opening a heart path to them creates renewed connections and support.


This class is for everyone, but especially people of European descent.  I say this because our ancestors and many among us are the worst perpetrators against the Earth, her creatures, and BIPOC folks.  Imagine the cultural shifts that could happen if just a few of us learned how to walk with our ancestors.  

By being in place to witness and release the suffering of those who came before,  we create lasting healing.  The healing moves forward and backward all along your family line.  When you do this for an ancestor, the stories of loss, shame, and oppression unwind from you, your relatives, and your DNA.  

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