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Movement Meditation

Joy 1

Joy 1 is a weekly class providing rest, solace, and rejuvenation.

This trauma-informed movement meditation class helps you safely and effectively reduce the symptoms of trauma, squash anxiety, and shake-up depression.

You can drop in anytime, or come every week to access your somatic wisdom and resiliency.


Hands on Health

100 W Harrison Ave #201

New Orleans, LA 70124


Sunday 2:00-3:00 pm


Wednesday 6:00-7:00 pm

Joy 2

Joy 2 builds upon the foundations explored in Joy 1. It's grounded in Authentic Movement and Contemplative Dance. Joy 2 provides a safe and contained way to access your embodied knowing. 

This class is only taught twice a year over a 6-week period. You must have previous experience in Authentic Movement, or have attended Joy 1 for one year before attending Joy 2.

Stay tuned for upcoming class dates.

In this video, I do an Authentic Movement piece. Notice what you feel as you watch, witnessing both your reaction and my movement. 


When doing an AM exercise, you let go and trust how your body wants to move. In this exercise, memories of my father unexpectedly showed up. He had died earlier in the year.

As a witness, your experience is as equally valid as mine. The following is my experience:

"I arrive at a moment where I'm dancing with the sun. The sun is a symbol of the masculine. His warmth feels inviting. My father steps into the dance. I move from heartbreak to happiness with Tom (my Dad)."

This piece was from a class called Contemplative Dance with the amazing Daphne Lowell and Atlon Wasson

If you have questions about classes, I'd love to hear from you.

Why Joy? 

Joy 1 and Joy 2 Movement Meditation Classes help you safely build resiliency and gently release the symptoms of trauma.

Joy has been inspired by Jungian psychology, Somatic ExperiencingIyengar yoga for MS with Eric Small, Gaga in the Negev, Authentic Movement, 5Rythms, and Qi Gong.  

Through years of research, teaching, and sitting with clients, I've discovered that when you tend to your body and Psyche through the hard parts, ease and joy return. With the presence of compassionate witnesses, the parts of you that have felt unseen start to heal.  


Upcoming 2- and 3-day workshops will include:

1. Medicine in the Symptom - How to access Psyche through physical symptoms. This class is great for those dealing with chronic health issues


2. Ancestor Medicine - Epigenetics tell the story of our ancestors' joys and heartaches. Within our genes lies healing wisdom. This class helps us recover their strengths and triumphs. 

3. Healing the Archetypal Death Mother - This class teaches us how to heal some of the frozen places when caregivers couldn't meet our needs. This class is reserved for students who have taken a full year of Joy 1.

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