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A Gift

I have multiple sclerosis. For me, that means every day I wake up with pain and fatigue. This simple practice shifts my morning immediately. Please join me!

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For the past 13 years, I've helped people come home to themselves. I combine the evidence-based practice of Somatic Experiencing™ with the Chinese medicine, American Indigenous ceremony, and Jungian psychology. 


Here is an article from the NYT about Somatic Experiencing

What is Somatic Earth Medicine?

Do you remember a time when you felt carefree, vitality, even joy? Bringing resolution to trauma frees your system so you can access life force energy again. 

When trauma remains in your nervous system, you might feel as if you live within the story of the bad things that happened to you.  Because the symptoms of PTSD reside in the nervous system on an unconscious level - you waver between anxiety and depression. 

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