Due to COVID-19, I'm currently seeing clients via Zoom.  


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Selu Healing

I help people recover from trauma through Somatic Experiencing®, Jungian psychology, and meditation movement practices.  When you live with trauma, it can feel as if you've lost touch with your true self.  You might have forgotten how it is to feel safe enough to be who you really are.

Trauma can come in many forms throughout life.  Things that may cause symptoms of unresolved trauma include medical trauma, childhood adversity, motor vehicle accidents, assault, and violence.

When a trauma remains unresolved, you might feel as if you live within the story of the bad things that happened to you.  Most of the time trauma affects you on an unconscious level and you're not even aware that the world seems scary all the time, only that you waver between anxiety and depression.    

Trauma and the symptoms of PTSD can become ingrained in your nervous system.  When this happens, it takes time to gently reclaim your former resilient self.  I use a combination of Somatic Experiencing®, Jungian psychology, and energetic movement practices such as qi gong and Authentic Movement to help your nervous system find ease, resourcing, and regulation.   When your body is no longer trying to manage PTSD, it frees up room in your body, soul, heart, and mind.  You reclaim your authentic self.





Epigenetics shows us that trauma is passed down through our DNA.  You may be carrying something for your family that is no longer yours to hold.  It's time to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. 


I offer personal sessions geared to your lineage to heal your heritage authentically.


I also teach ancestral healing workshops so that you may heal generational wounds in small and supportive group settings.  In these spaces, we use ancestral medicine and Somatic Experiencing® to honor and heal family lines. 

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This gentle, yet powerful modality works with the stresses of trauma that may be trapped in your nervous system. 


Trauma comes in many forms and from many sources.  Each trauma has its own story that deserves to be witnessed and honored.    

SE brings ease to your nervous system, and then to the rest of your body, psyche, and heart.  As the trauma response trapped in your system releases, more room is made so that your  authentic self can shine.

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I am currently offering distance Reiki sessions. 

My clients are finding more ease in their days after a Reiki treatment. 


To address the lack of touch, something so needed in this difficult time, I will share some acupressure points that you can do on your own. 

I often combine Reiki with my other modalities; SE, Authentic Movement, and Ancestral Healing.  As always, our sessions are designed for what you need that day.


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Authentic Movement is a form of self-directed movement, usually done with eyes closed and attention directed inward, in the presence of at least one witness.

Authentic Movement is a wonderful practice for helping you gently, and on your own terms, get back into relationship with your body.  The grounding this provides is deeply healing.

Authentic Movement classes are also offered in small group settings and there are also classes specifically designed for those with chronic illness.

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