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Selu Healing
Welcomes You

A Return to Self


“Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.”

Peter Levine

What is Somatic Therapy?

Do you remember a time when you felt carefree, vitality, even joy? Bringing resolution to your deepest pain often frees your system so that you can feel life force energy again.

When trauma remains unresolved, you might feel as if you live within the story of the bad things that happened to you.  Most of the time trauma affects you on an unconscious level and the world seems scary all the time - you waver between anxiety and depression.    

Trauma and the symptoms of PTSD can become ingrained in your nervous system.  When this happens, it takes time to gently reclaim your former resilient self.  I use a combination of Somatic Experiencing®, Jungian psychology, and energy movement practices such as qi gong and Authentic Movement to help your nervous system find ease, resourcing, and regulation.   When your body is no longer trying to manage PTSD, it frees up room in your body, soul, heart, and mind.  You reclaim your whole authentic self.

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One-on-One Sessions

In an SE session, we pay attention to the subtle cues your body gives about where your trauma lives. 


From there we find the places in your body where you feel safe and build natural resiliency. When trauma loosens its hold, you return to a more whole sense of self.

Mesa Medicine

I bring in the medicine of my ancestors and honor the traditions of my teachers in Chinese medicine, Eastern-band Cherokee medicine, Jungian Psychology, Dance, Wiccan, Vodoun, and Peruvian traditions.  


As we sit in sacred space, allowing for the numinous, you feel yourself settle and open to the archetypal wisdom of your body, lineage, and presence.

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Energy Medicine

From the mesa or on the Reiki table, you feel yourself deeply relax as universal healing energy moves through you with intelligence, compassion, and ease.  

I incorporate Chinese medicine, Reiki, and Crystalline energy to bring you to a more centered space.  

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Movement Meditation

This weekly class uses a combination of qi gong, authentic movement, Somatic Experiencing® techniques, and guided meditation to help you feel more grounded.  This class is especially designed for those with chronic illness and the healing that comes from being in community.


Sacred Mandala

Each month, we focus on a different topic.  In the first hour, we sit in sacred space using ancestral earth-based traditions.  Sacred practices invite the Unconscious open.  In community ​you will get to ​​explore ​your own medicine and healing journey while creating mandalas.