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Accessing the healing wisdom of the body

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A Gift

I have multiple sclerosis. For me, that means every day I wake up with pain and fatigue. This simple practice shifts my morning immediately. Please join me!


Our sessions use Somatic Experiencing™, Authentic Movement, and Jungian psychology.  We'll also invite the traditions of our ancestors using American Indigenous and Celtic Earth ceremony practices.

Dr. Elyne gives experiential mental health talks and workshops to a variety of professional organizations, news outlets, and schools using Somatic therapies. Designed specifically for your group, somatic workshops provide mental health skills and resiliency. 

Private Somatic Session
1 hour   $150
2 hour   $250

Speaking fee     $500/hour

Monthly Workshops

Care for Carers

This class is designed for professional carers; therapists, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, midwives, and anyone who serves the community


This class is for anyone who wants to build the resiliency and skills for living in stressful times


I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 


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What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic therapies connect the mind and body. We store stress and the symptoms of depression and anxiety in our nervous system. Working with the limbic and nervous system can ease the symptoms of trauma.


Types of somatic therapy include Somatic Experiencing, the Hakomi Method, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)


Here's an article from the NYT about Somatic Experiencing

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About Dr. Elyne

Elyne Selu, PhD, somatic therapist, researcher, author, and speaker combines modern neuropsychology with ancient medicine practices.

Students and clients gain new access to the wisdom and healing power of their body. By building resourcefulness into the limbic system mental distress is alleviated. 


Dr. Elyne's research into chronic illness and trauma showed that those who develop a more loving and attuned relationship with their bodies and symptoms discovered physical ease, clear thinking, and an authentic sense of self.

Photo from "The Emotional Body" by Teagan Rose, 2021

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