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Elyn Selu, PhD

After several years of pain and fatigue, and too many misdiagnoses, a neurologist ordered an MRI. My brain and spinal column had the white lesions that are associated with multiple sclerosis.  After years of feeling crazy and misunderstood, the diagnosis was a relief.  It also propelled me onto a life-changing healing journey. 


No more working 3 jobs and wasting time in toxic relationships.  I listened to my brilliant doctors, took my meds, and took a deep dive into energy medicine.  In a wonderful synchronicity, at the time I was diagnosed, I was also working with Cherokee Medicine Woman, Mechi Garza, and Pam Eveline, Reiki Master.  I had a wonderful neurologist and general practitioner, as well as an acupuncturist.


I found ways to be with my symptoms that brought me deep and lasting healing.  I still have MS. I still struggle with all the symptoms, but when I listen below the symptom to what it's trying to tell me, I often find healing. 


It's not easy to sit with the things that feel painful.  Having a compassionate witness is at the center of all healing. There is healing in feeling seen.  Studying Chinese medicine and Depth Psychology helped me find ways to enhance my healing practices for others.

I have experienced many traumas myself, which gives me the lived experience of what PTSD feels like. Living with the daily challenges of having an invisible chronic illness also brings its own version of stressors.  

I combine all the practices I've studied and embodied on my own healing journey.  The medicine I offer combines; Jungian psychology, Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, American Indigenous Earth-based practices, Chinese medicine, Somatic Experiencing®, and the healing movement arts of dance, qi gong, and yoga.  In my practitioner's heart, I'm the good village witch, or 老/laoshi/teacher/maestro on the edge of a forest, teaching your soul new ways to inhabit your body.   


Life continually shows me how we're all connected.  Being in the presence of compassion and kindness eases our path, no matter how complex or complicated.

My professional journey

I began my career as a writer.  I wrote, edited, published, and taught fiction writing and technical writing.  When I was diagnosed with MS, I was teaching fiction writing at the University of New Orleans and also writing technical documents for a government agency.  I had also just started practicing Reiki and other energy modalities.  


I wanted to learn more about the energy that flows through us, and so I studied Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and later Five Branches University.  Fascinated with the connection between our emotional lives, and how stress and trauma affect our health, I switched to Pacifica Graduate Institute.  While there, I earned my PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics.  As part of my research, I also studied different dance and meditation practices looking for movement meditation that supported a deeper connection to body.


The study I conducted for my dissertation showed that when we can listen to our bodies, we have better health outcomes. I've studied 5Rhythms, Gaga in Israel, Authentic Movement, and am currently earning my certification in Somatic Experiencing®.  

I continue to write.  Here is a link to my most recent article in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal.